About Us

1Plase Marketing is a marketing, image building and promotion platform, dedicated to becoming a leader in Online and offline marketing, image building and promotion platform. 1plase Marketing will ultimately create a vast network, and access to information of businesses and services across the country and beyond, which will rapidly produce a plethora of cross marketing channels which will spur the growth of small, medium/large businesses, firms, organizations, cooperatives, companies, government, society and service providers. 

1plase Marketing is the newest and brightest marketing, image building and promotion platform in Nigeria. 1plase Marketing initiator has previously operated in this area for some companies.  Desiring to offer a broader depth of its services to better serve their clients’ needs, The Initiators came up with the name 1plase Marketing – because the platform brings businesses/services together in one place and not just that, but also because in one place people can market, build and promote their businesses and services across various means such as online, print media-1plase magazine, the media-1plase TV and Radio programs, email marketing/bulk sms, 1plase Seminars/Workshops, 1plase trade shows/events, and L-commerce-from one location to another. And also 1plase provides a platform for everyone to get information/services at ease and convenience. 1plase Marketing is a subsidiary of GC GLOBAL WORLD registered with Corporate Affairs Commission August 2012.

 What really set 1plase Marketing apart is its unique name, the inspiration/zeal and methods of operation.

At 1plase Marketing, all involved will see and feel the bridge we are building to take people’s businesses and their services to a whole new height.

 Business Objectives

1plase Marketing believes that in order to provide the broadest and best platform for marketing in the country, the platform(1plase Marketing) must become a unique household name, one name that can represent every unique and positive individual, firms, businesses, entrepreneurs, organizations, companies, government and the entire society and also to grow along with such.

Mission Statement

1plase Marketing wants to raise the bar in marketing, image building and promotion by providing excellence and utilizing the highest principles and standards to every aspect of the platform.  1plase Marketing wants to influence its clients, employees, community, and the nation and urge them to employ these practices as well.  Because when we all do our personal best, the payoff is always a win/win. 

 Guiding Principles

1plase Marketing believes in, integrity, honesty and hard work. 

1plase Marketing believes:

 Honesty is the best policy. 

Integrity is wisdom.

 Hard work always pays

 A commitment to people.