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Company/Business Type: Sales/Supply & Installation of Litfs, Escalators.

Location: Abuja

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About: Misotech Engineering Services Limited is a professional Company dealing in sales, supply, installation, repair and maintenance of all kinds of Elevators, Escalators and other vertical transportation system, Electrical Materials and Electrical installations established some years ago. We pride ourselves as one of the leading suppliers of Lifts and Escalators in West Africa today. Most of our work is done with companies that are certified and make sure we comply with the stringent international quality safety standards. Our specialty of vertical transportation system comply with all necessary certificate standard. Misotech Engineering Services Limited is well positioned to help meet strategic corporate and individual needs through the provision of our products and services. We have the best quality products, customer friendly and result oriented services. Industry Experience Misotech Eng. Services LTD is proud to have been fulfilling some of West Africa companies with their vertical transportation needs for more some years now.


Misotech Engineering Services Limited specializes in the sales/supply, installation, Repair/Replacement & Maintenance of all kinds of Vertical Transportation System. Our comprehensive product range, which continues to grow through research and development initiatives, includes:
• Elevators or Lifts
• Escalators
• Stair Lifts
• Lift Parts & Components  
• Moving Walks
• Cargo Lifts
• Dumb Waiters
• Platform Lifts
• Electrical Materials
• Ups

Misotech offers the following services:
Sales and Supply
Elevators & Escalators Installations
Repair and Maintenance
Supply of Lift Parts
Electrical Materials
Electrical Installations
Since its establishment, Misotech Engineering Services Limited has been operating independently. With all facilities on site we are able to successfully maintain complete control of delivery and installation, first hand maintenance/repair from start to finish to our customers satisfaction both Nigeria and West Africa. By maintaining this total control we are confident that our customer job will arrive where they want it, how they want it and when they want it. That is our guarantee to our customers. When doing business, quality and reliability are paramount. We achieve this with certain standards, examples of which follow:
Misotech has the best professional team, dedicated to satisfying our customer needs. Our Project Team will look after your job from start to finish, ensuring efficient workflow in order to achieve the highest quality installation, repair and maintenance as the case may be.

Preferred supplier arrangements ensure our clients are receiving the highest quality and best value materials and services the market has to offer
We realize our clients order has to be there on time, and our reputation is built upon that promise. We’re so confident of our proven track record that we’re focused in covering not only Nigeria but West Africa. 
If when our Clients receive their job done, and was not as required, simply call us. We’ll immediately focus on it and rectify, at your absolute option, either replace them at our cost. 
At Misotech Engineering Services Limited, we are constantly looking for feedback on ways to improve our processes. Customers are surveyed regularly to ensure they are completely satisfied with our product and service offerings
Due to our stringent Research and Development practices, and our exclusive supplier relationships, Misotech Engineering Services Limited can now offer medium to large Companies with all the added benefits this brings to our Clients. These benefits include:

We do not pretend to be “all things to all people”, or the “best at everything”. Our goal is to develop long term, mutually beneficial partnerships with companies that require our core product and services.
We realize that every business is different and therefore has unique needs when it comes to vertical transportation systems.
Our Business Development Managers and Concept Consultants work closely with our clients to understand the dynamics of their business and develop the right vertical transportation solution to suit their needs.
Our consultative approach to partnering with clients, our ability to do what others couldn’t and can’t; and our expertise in providing solutions to problems beyond the ability of other competitors, is an  established point of difference and advantage that Misotech Engineering Services Limited brings to all of its clients. Such consistent performance makes us choice for many Companies. 
Our Management team continuously travels the world sourcing the latest in vertical transportation to bring the highest quality, innovative products and services at competitive market prices.

Existing work from our large high end corporate clientele enable us purchase reliable products/materials and technology, internationally, at the most beneficial prices for our client base. These great prices are then passed directly onto our clients.
We are continually searching for the best to give our clients the competitive edge. 
We are part of an elite membership of non-competitive industry professionals who openly share suppliers, products, knowledge, tricks and traps, and assist each other to fulfill the production needs of our clients, simultaneously across Nigeria and West Africa. Misotech Engineering Services Limited can offer our clients the combined experience and purchasing power of the best in the world.